C.A.S.E. Training Parent Seminar

Success depends upon previous preparation,

and without such preparation,

there is sure to be failure. 

- Confucius

                                                                                                    What is the Parent Seminar all about?


   - C.A.S.E. Training provides parents with practical conversational talking points they can use to discuss real-world topics with their youth.  

  - C.A.S.E. Training discussed the four levels of awareness that we want all parents to know, understand and use on a daily basis.  Teaching their youth these principles is CRUCIAL in the environment we live in. Colonel Jeff Cooper first described the four levels of awareness.  They are:

  • Unaware

  • Aware

  • Heightened Awareness

  • Actively Engaged 

  - Once we've covered the four levels of awareness, C.A.S.E. Training helps parents understand the value of having a plan to respond to a criminal encounter.  We want to EMPOWER parents to have a positive conversation regarding safety with their families!

Lastly, we cover our four interactive workshops for rising 6th graders, Middle Schoolers and High School/College Aged youth.  The four workshops are:

  • Dare to be Aware (Level 1) - this interactive workshop focuses on basic safety and situational awareness for youth as they navigate school, community outings with friends, travel situations, and daily life activities.  

  • Dare to be Prepared (Level 2) - This interactive workshop focuses on preparing our youth for active shooter (assailant) situations either at school, on the college campus, or in other public environments.  

  • Dare to Defend (Level 3) - This interactive workshop focuses on physical safety and self-defense.  Youth will be instructed on how to properly use physical force when needed for protection and will additionally be introduced to various age-appropriate and state-approved self-protection devices.  

  • Dare to Render Safe (Level 4) - This interactive workshop is taught by our in-house C.A.S.E. firearms professional.  This focuses on gun safety awareness and techniques necessary for any youth when encountering a gun unexpectedly.  This workshop is offered to youth ages 12 and older and will require parent/guardian consent and presence during the workshop.  This workshop is only provided upon request.  


Level 1

Dare to be Aware

Level 2

Dare to be Prepared

Level 3

Dare to Defend

Level 4

Dare to Render Safe

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