What is Dare to be Aware (D2BA) all about?  

Our premier course and the introduction to C.A.S.E. Training.  This is a thorough review of personal crime prevention scenarios that may arise for youth.  We cover:

  • Personal Safety

  • Personal Awareness

  • Home Safety

  • Traveling

  • Bullying

  • Campus life and confidence

  • Technology and Social Media awareness

  • Public Safety

  • Maryland allowed personal protection devices

We put an emphasis on situational awareness.  This is the cornerstone principle that everything we teach operates from.  After participating in the Dare to be Aware interactive workshop youth will be empowered with a new sense of confidence, awareness and safety.  Youth will leave this workshop equipped and ready to use their new tools!  

For our high school and college-aged workshop we address additional sensitive topics:  

  • Resistance - whether it's criminal assault or sexual assault.  We help them to understand their strengths and options.

  • Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying

  • Campus safety - this includes conversations around classroom, common spaces, dorms, and traveling back and forth to their classes.  

  • Sexual Assault - often times it's the person you think you know who commits the assault.  Does your youth have a plan?  We introduce options to lower their personal risk.  

  • Parties - what are the rules for drinking alcohol and how do they limit their risk to date rape drugs?  A common sense approach to limiting their risks.  


High School/College Age

These topics range from dating, traveling, hanging out in public spaces, dorm and campus safety, technology and social awareness!  These topics and so much more are offered in the seminar!

Middle Schoolers

It's a difficult transition from 8th grade to high school.  C.A.S.E. Training helps to lighten that load.  We cover cyber and social bullying, active shooter response for youth, home and personal safety and so much more.

Rising 6th Graders

We work closely with these rising 6th graders so they have an easier adjustment moving into middle school.  C.A.S.E. Training focuses on their needs and introduces to the challenges that today's world can deliver through interactive workshops and real-life examples, We never lose sight of our mission - to deliver Confidence, Awareness, Safety and Empowerment

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