We can all agree, that this is a VERY difficult conversation to have in the U.S.  But, at C.A.S.E. Training, we feel it is a conversation that MUST be had.  In fact, we want to make sure you and your youth know what to do in the event, by chance, either one of you encounter a gun.  Awareness is critical in preventing gun accidents!  Providing these tools is what this interactive workshop is all about.   

Next, with the prevalence of video games in our world, youth have a very oversimplified, unrealistic idea of how guns operate and how they are handled in a safe manner.  We want to help educate youth so they understand the "real" impact of guns in our society, how to make sure they are safe and that other's are safe around them.  

Who teach this and what is taught by C.A.S.E. Training?  

Ron David, partner in C.A.S.E. Training is a certified and licensed weapons expert with over 35 years of shooting experience.  ONLY Ron will teach this course.  It DOES NOT involve any live ammunition.  The workshop is intended for youth 12-years old and older, requires parental consent and the parent must be present during the workshop.  

We specifically cover:

     - How to render most common types of guns safe

     - How to recognize different kids of guns and KNOW FOR SURE they are safe.  

Additional training is available upon request of the parent.  

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