C.A.S.E. Training offers four age-appropriate interactive workshops to youth that build upon each other.  The four workshops are: crime prevention, active shooter preparation, self-defense and gun safety.  After participating in each workshop youth will have gained specific knowledge in each of the four areas to become more confident, aware and safe.  Youth will be empowered with this knowledge and prepared to navigate their world. The workshops do not need to be taken in any specific order.  And, youth do NOT need to take all the workshops to participate.  

Dare to be Aware (level 1):  This interactive workshop focuses on basic safety, crime prevention and situational awareness for youth as they navigate school, community outings with friends, travel situations, and daily life interactions.

Dare to Defend (level 3):  This interactive workshop focuses on physical self-defense.  Youth will be instructed on how to properly use physical force when needed for protection and will additionally be introduced to various age-appropriate and state-approved self-protection devices.

Dare to be Prepared (level 2):  This interactive workshop focuses on preparing youth for active shooter situations (school, campus and other).  We believe strongly that our youth need to be prepared and have a PLAN ready, in the event they ever need to use it.  

Dare to Render Safe (level 4):  This interactive workshop is taught by our in-house C.A.S.E. firearms professional and will teach gun safety awareness techniques necessary when encountering a gun.  This workshop is ONLY provided upon request of the parent(s).  This is offered for youth ages 12 and older and will require parent/guardian consent and presence during the workshop.

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